Using Toroidal Coil and capacitor LC Filter for the surge and interference of uC 5V and GND.

1. Using a simple RC filter as resistor and capacitor for 5V and GND of uC surges and interference problems, processing the reference method, R value is according to the total current consumption of uC, when modifying the R value still unable to achieve the desired effect, and then change to the second type manner as LC filters.

10Ω, 330uF for 60Hz to 48.3Hz, count 330uf ±20%, from 264uF~396uF, frequency 40.2~60.3Hz.

10Ω, 150uF for 120Hz to 106.2Hz. counting 150uf ±20%, from 120uF~180uF, frequency 88.5~132.7Hz.

RC filter.
RC Filter for surge 5V interference-01_ScottWang.gif

2. Using Toroidal Coil(conductor) and capacitor LC Filter for the surge and interference of uC(Microcontroller) 5V and GND from AC110V/220V Motor or Electromagnetic Contactor.

The Block Diagram of LC Filters.
AC110V 220V Magnetic Load surge interference_ScottWang.gif

LC Filters.
Toroidal coils for surge 5V interference_ScottWang.gif
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