Useful Websites for Electronics

A couple of years back we started a thread asking for suggestions for useful websites that members have come across that have helped in all aspects of electronics, from information, learning, software etc.

The original thread is one of the most viewed threads here at AAC: Useful Websites for Electronics

A forum member, web, decided to clean up the old thread and categorise the websites by area; thus Useful Websites for Electronics ver.2 was created.

We ask for members to suggest websites they have found useful, however stipulate several conditions on appropriate suggestion of websites (see here). Please note:

Suggestion and discussion of websites and books must adhere to the All About Circuits Forum Rules, Code of Conduct and Terms and Conditions of Usage. As a result:
  • Suggestion of websites and books should have relevance to the field of electronics. Off-topic discussion of websites and books should be made in the Off-Topic Forum.
  • All About Circuits does not support any form of commercial advertisment or promotion; therefore suggestion of websites must not advertise any product or service, and suggestion of books must not be a stand alone advertisement. This is in accordance with item 8 of the forum rules.
  • Suggestion of softwares or website services must not impose limitations other than basic and fair feature suppression as interpretted by the Moderator team. An example of basic and fair feature suppression would be a restriction on numbers of components in EDA software, but time restrictions are not permitted in any circumstances.
  • No website or software recommended should have any adverse affect on another forum users computer without exception; this includes, but is not restricted to, malware, phishing attempts etc.
  • To suggest a website that provides free access to information and resources for electrical engineering and electronics should be made in the Useful Websites for Electronics Thread.
All websites suggested in all threads will be vetted by the Moderator team. In all instances the Moderator team reserves the right to remove or edit and web-based content without reason.

We hope this will continue to be a useful resource for the members here at AAC.


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