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It’s been a busy season around here. With birthdays, holidays, and less happy things taking more time than expected. Because of it, I am way behind on my posts here. That being the case, I have an overflowing queue of things awaiting their write-ups.

So, I am turning to you, to see if there is any preference for one thing or another. Here are the candidates for priority coverage:

The FNIRSI (not a misspelling, I am constantly amused by the probable pronunciation) FNB58 USB tester, and its outclassed but still useful, cheaper, and available predecessor the FNB48. Both do a bajillion things, and many functions relate To charging standards I’d never heard of, so it prompts a bit of autodidactic adventuring as well.


FNB58 and FNB48
On the cheap and cheerful front, his undesignated Type-C PD fast charge trigger. Initial tests are good and you can choose from 9V, 12V, 15V, or 20V using a solder bridge. It arrives set for 12V. Cheap as dirt but seemingly not bad. More testing will ensue upon writing it up.


Even the chip isn’t numbered.​
Continuing on this theme, here’s a USB<—>UART adapter that is just about my ideal. It’s Type-C connector is a massive improvement over Micro USB, especially on a tiny board like this one. And, that too—is is tiny. About 15mm on a side, and the mounting holes respect 2.54mm grid spacing, so surface mounting this seems very possible. And, it sues the CH340E chip, which is compatible with my MacOS desktop and notebook computers with no fuss. (Note also: it supports DTR! If you need it you know why!)


I bought a mess of these, I seem to use a lot of them.
And, although it’s nowhere near the last of the pooled up options, it is the last of the candidates for now. This AAA to 5V boost converter module caught my eye. About a buck, and claiming 200mA. Apparently the current limiting resistor for the power LED can use some increasing (or the LED, removing) to avoid eating the tiny AAA cell, and obviously it is not going to be sporting a long runtime—but neat. I haven’t had a chance to more than glance at this one.


So, it would be exceedingly helpful if you’d voice an opinion in the discussion thread on which to cover first, second, and third. That is, if you have an opinion. I was having a hard time choosing, and I am passing the buck.

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