Two Hand Clock, Quartz or 555 timer driven? (1 pulse / minute rather than 1 pulse / second)

Greetings, I'm creating some clock driven art where I'm trying to eliminate the constant ticking sound the quartz drive produces. I've found this earlier entry, but it didn't quite draw the conclusions I needed.
For efficiency & accuracy I'm considering a circuit that counts the pulses of a quartz drive, and then either allows, or produces a simultaneous pulse, every 60th occurrence. My other thought would instead use a 555 timer to produce a repetitive pulse ever 60 seconds. I could then easily alter the mechanism from the quartz movement so that the pulse moves the minute hand forward 6 degrees instead of the second.
I'm aware that the "sweeping" second hand quartz movements are considerably quieter, but I'd like to eliminate the physical second hand function entirely if possible.

Would love to hear any suggestion on the issue, Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, DCraigD

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