I was driving insulated small truck,an older
model. The back of the truck had a thick
insulated body with no opennings.The back door was thick with a latch type handle. I stopped quickly in six lane intersection.I
was concerned that the devise I was transporting has hit back of body with
force. The signal was red so I quickly
ran to the back,unlatched the door
crawled to the front of the body,I moved devise toward the back door.I pushed the
the big round door release,It did not work.
I was trapped in a insulated body,the truck
running in six lanes.I was busy pushing
the release,no results.Knew I had a big
problem. IN the small amount of light
from a crack in the old door,I found a
piece of paper,I waved the paper in and out
some driver spotted the paper and open the
door.If you have never been trapped
even in six lanes of traffic,you want
know the feeling. Another experience
from loosewire.

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