Train Tracking and Passenger ID management System

) While entering into train , identify the passenger whether he is carrying carrying valid ticket or not. If valid ticket , then only, passenger can enter into the train. So details of passenger traveling is available . Same can applied when passenger get down from train. When Passenger enters into the train or get down from train , same information with berth details to be updated on server. So passenger traveling information available to railway administration .

To implement this system , ticket required to modify with unique numbering system like barcode . And reader required on each compartment to control entering / exit door.

II) Railway required to track at earlier station (every location) and appropriate platform number to be allotted to the running train before entering into next station . This is helpful to speed up train. With the help of current running information railway timetable to be managed which is helpful to avoid stoppage and delay to reach destination. This can helpful to avoid stoppage delay present in between the stations. Currently relay based system present and used by railway and manual interference required for signaling . That can be replaced with automated system

III) Before reaching the station, next station announcement to be done .

IV) Display of current station and avaibilility of seats to be displayed inside and outside of each coach . _- > To implement this requires more security.

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