Time for a little fun... if I can find the time...

All work and no play makes for a dull Thingmaker.

Wiring in the basement is coming along well enough, despite the many interruptions. Work is going well enough, despite the odd customs of Planet Intel. Remodeling a lab (cable tray moving) is on tap for the morrow, followed by can-lights and fire alarm cable at home.

More importantly (did I just decide it was more important? Yes! I did!) Norwescon 31 is coming up ever so soon.

Me Droogs, Scott and Shannon, will no doubt be bringing along their pedestrian pirate outfits. Simple affairs - black poet shirts, tight black trousers, and red belts. Both of them are in good physical shape, though, and wear it well. (They're such a cute couple, even if - or because of - the May/September aspect of their relationship.)

Anyway... I've decided that pedestrian pirates should be transformed (via a little Thingmaking) into... (wait for it...) Space Pirates!

I've received shipment from the Electronic Goldmine of some tri-color LEDs with integral flashing controls, and a hand-full of 20mm coin cells. I also picked up some black eye-patches at the drugstore. The "bionic" eye-patches with changing glowing colors will be the perfect compliment to the "light-sabers" I'm cobbling together.

Despite being such a simple and quick project (more time spent in fitting the LED into proper position in the patch than in design or circuit-building) I'm getting a big kick out of this. I've dropped hints to them to build up suspense, and am very much looking forward to their reaction to these little costuming accessories. Accessories make the outfit, after all. Especially if they glow in random colors!

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