Through hole plating and soldermasks

I cant believe its been 5 years with MitchElectronics... All started because I made simple PCBs. Well, I have come along way now and have just achieved through hole plating! Thats right! And at the same time soldermasks!

Its easy to plate or apply a mask but what is hard is consistantly doing it over and over again!

Well, just built a simple switch mode power supply and it works like a charm. I can finally have PCBs where vias are plated, no soldering on the top is needed and SMD components can have vias underneath them. As of now the smallest hole tested was 0.7mm but I am sure that it works with 0.6mm.

The funny thing about the plating is that it takes 6 hours at least :D
If I need to make a board, I have to wake up early to get it done in a day. Can be hard at times...

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