The journey begins

I am getting all about circuits! Just bought a ELEGOO Mega 2560 R3 Project Starter Kit, a AstroAI multimeter and Electronic Devices (Conventional Current Version).

First off I am gonna start with the starter kit (ofc). With in the year I want to have made a lighting system for my office desk. I live pretty far north, so dark winters are a problem.. The lighting system will be curved panels about 5 cm high, and 2 m long, attached to my desk, lighting up my day. The panel will be thin 3D printed lithography and under a stip of led lights. The goal is to make a cool computer that controls the light, where I have design the PCB myself. The control need to turn on and off, dim, and remote disco session! I am a prankster..

Glad I found this forum. People seems nice and I like the UI.

This will be fun.

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