It has been interesting.

My usual attention span for a new hobby is about 3 years. I spent nearly 4 years at All About Circuits.

In that time I achieved over 11,000 posts and more, “likes” that anybody else (at that moment in time). I think I lowered the standards of the site in a good way. I tried to convince people that beginners are allowed to work with simplistic models instead of the highest achievement level a a hyper-intellectual with a PhD. I was actually helpful to a few people!

I started as a person that had never been on a forum site. I made beginner's mistakes. I learned about trolls, noobs, Moderators, and a lot about electronics. I navigated a world with people a lot smarter than I, and managed to elbow some space for self-taught people to exchange information without being immaculately perfect with every word they posted.

Now, I grow tired of this. Some people think my high post count means I am special or smart. I'm not. I just have more time to waste than most people. Some people snipe at me from behind a personality that I don't understand. Someone suggested that a few are afflicted with Asperger's Syndrome. I don't know how many people I had to defend against in the beginning to get some room to express myself. In the end, almost everybody either respected me or at least let me coexist with them.

I think I have learned what I can here. Not, “Life, The Universe, and Everything”, more like enough to know where to find what I need when I need it. The questions grow repetitive. There is an endless supply of beginners, but there is not an endless supply of me. I feel the need to move on. The gratification ratio has been diminishing. I think It's time to look for a different hobby.

I won't scramble my password to lock myself out. I'm not that dissatisfied, just restless. I need to spend more time around live people, and I need to find some new ones to replace the people that died in the last four years. I believe you can't fix social isolation on the Internet. It can be fun, it can be cute, it can be, “warts and all”, but it's not quite like real life among real people.

Thanks for the memories,

Number Twelve.

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