Some of my simple "non NDA" projects. Contains youtube videos.

Skills: Optimization of tasks, procedures and circuits for minimum components and lower price. Analog and digital circuit design. Hardware and PCB development. PIC baseline and mid-range programming.

Electronic laws:
Level 1: The person wants to deal with electronics, thinks he knows something, thinks is easy, understands a few basic things - 5%.
Level 2: The person has studied an "Electronics" or "Electrical" specialty in the university for at least "4" years, understands basic concepts, knows all the basic equations and principles, knows where to find them: 80%.
Level 3: The person is an expert with years of theoretical and practical experience and has graduated with a "Diploma Thesis" after at least a "4" year bachelor course: 95%.

I understand the leap from "5%" to "80%" is big, but that is what it means to know electronics. There are a lot of people who think they know now a days and they are the great names in the bussiness even, but they don't know! They are just sayers, who do not know what they are doing, however everyone believes them, after all they are the great names in the bussiness! Can you guess accurately where you are? If you are not certain you are on the "80%" then I will count you as on the "5%"!

Youtube videos of projects. The projects are simple and show basic principles. They are not very usefull for beginners in electronics.

Controlling a "SPDT" relay with PIC16F690:

Controlling LEDs with "PIC16F690":

Controlling LEDs with "nodeMCU":

i2C with serial EEPROM:

LCD 16x2 with PIC16F690 Proteus version:

LCD 16x2 with PIC16F690 universal development board version:

PCB design:

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