SMD soldering, first try.

I've always thought that SMD soldering is hard. And I guess it is, when it comes to advanced circuits and SMD ICs.

I had my first try this evening. Both with SMD soldering, and etching with Ferric Chloride.

I've etched a few boards, and I've used Natriumpersulfate, at approximately 50°C. Lot of rigging and waiting and boiling.

First time Ferric Chloride.

Today I got my hands on some Ferric Chloride, and I gave it a try. It was much quicker than what I'm used to, and being careful with the safety, it was clean too. The ferric had just about room temperature, and worked like a charm.

Next question is: How and where to store it?

Board is scanned at 1200dpi, and scaled to 640

The procedure was quite easy. I tinned one of the pads, aligned the component, held it in place with some tweezers, and re-heated the solder. The component then sank into the solder and was fastened. The other side was just a short heating with the solder iron, and apply the solder.

Picture is taken with high resolution and scaled to 640.

Not bad for a first timer...

Now I need to figure out a nice and easy way to store the SMD components, because I am definitely considering starting with those. The size for these is 0805. And the outline of the board is 23 x 35mm.

A new era has started in my journey in the world of electronics...

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