Rode. Worn. Guitar amp.

So the amp needs a proper box and I have a penchant for hoarding scrap with a view to repurposing.
Title of this post has great meaning for me.

I like a pun. At the moment you can buy a 2nd hand looking new guitar (Road Worn)from the likes of Fender. All they do is scrape the paint a bit, double the price and hey presto -a guitar that makes you look like you've been at it for years.

I had a bike accident and had my leathers cut off by the ambulance staff. That morning was hot for England and I ummed and aaahhed as to whether to wear my leathers. I'm glad I did. It seems Universally correct for me to cover the amp cabinet with Road worn leather rather than expensive Tolex. The name:

Rode. Worn.

fitting from every angle I can think. Picture of amp insides and leather jeans attached. I wont post the knee scar picture unless you beg. But if you ride -be aware that 2-3mm of leather is not really enough!

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