robotics gripper toy demonstration

This is a robotics project I designed and built about 20-30 years ago, it is based on the old radio shack robotics gripper robot, I didn't want to spend money on buying one.
So because I enjoy engineering things,
I decided to take up the challenge to design and build my own version, using all discrete components,, no microprocessors, but just plain good ole circuit design, building from scratch.

On board is a couple of regulators circuits, to run the motor, and to run the logic.
Infrared detectors from IF leds, and phototransistors, logic gating for forward and reverse of motor direction, plus a processing circut to detect a stalled motor situation, and the circuitry to reverse out of the motor stall.
Most of the logic circuitry is built using surface mount components, while power circuits are mainly through hole components.

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