Rework Curcuit Boards

I Am Starting A Conversation About
Reworking Printed Curcuit Boards.
There Is A Global Market Already In
Place And Expensive Tooling Involved.
This Market Will Be Shipped Overseas
If More Is Not Done To Keep It Local.
While Some People Can Compet,with
Math And Science,others Should Be Aware That Reworking Curcuit's May
Become A Career. This Application May
Be More Popular That I Realiize.that Is Why Bring The Word (rework) Before The Member's For Comment's.member's That Log On During Business Hour's Are More Likely To Know About This More Likely That Nite Researcher's Need Hand's On Experience.
I Am Hoping That Your Member's Can Contribute More On This Subject And Have Question's Thank's Again. Wake Up

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