RE-Converting the homestead.

I am starting an experimental power project for my home with a few cheap solar cells and a small wind turbine and a few deep-cycle batteries.

One of the losses I would like to do away with is DC to AC inverters. I already have a ton of wall-wart powered devices so it makes no sense to me to convert solar to ac for the outlet then back to DC through the wart, for power. So I am whipping up a few DC jacks/outlets around the house. I am going to use the old warts cases and wires for simple dc-dc converters. My main will be around 24vDC around the house, so I will set up the warts to adapt to the requirements of the device, without the waste of the AC/DC conversion.

I would really like to hear some ideas for appliance conversion or anything you think could add to this.

I will document as much as I can with photos, videos, and blogs.
Also, anyone with great (realistic) math skills to knock me back to reality would be appreciated.
Thanks for your help.

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