Project #1-Blog-A.C.

These blog projects will start at the begining
to the end as we know it today.they will
forgive and enlighten with out prejudice.
The first blog will be home a.c. verified by moderators before they continue.
Example-voltage and current 110v-220v
U.S freg.of power lines and and how each meter box has different from house next
door.These diagrams will show colors
moving current flowing In color.This will
show members how their a.c. get it power
and how the unit is started .What makes the compressor work with gas.So start
with the 12,000 volt step to 110 or 220
and 12 volt thermostat voltage,inside
house.This blog will be color and fluid
drawing only.I think the members have the
talent to do this.So picture being cooled
by fresh air with electronic dust ion control.
The pages can take on seperate pages,
until the final fluid page showing the
whole operation.Maybe some member
knows the E.P.A. test.This is not a course,
the electric and electronic knowledge of
member to blog.Suggestions for blog
two open for comment.I would like to see
the internal resistance and capacity as
fluid in microprocessor.

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