Portable Power supply Project

I am finding that I need to get some things before I really dive into computer projects. For starters I want a better power supply than the one I have. I also want something that is battery powered and portable. I might get into robotics again, so it needs to be something won't be on a cord. Needless to say I need power supply that is not stuck to the wall.
My plan is to use a voltage regulator module that is adjustable. I found one on amazon and it will arrive this week end. I plan on using RC rechargeable batteries in series similar to the Cmoy pocket amplifier. I know I am not going to be above 14v and I will be using a voltage divider on four 7v batteries. Lastly the enclosure will be made out of plywood. I plan on testing my art skills on this project. I will have sketches up soon.

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