PIC 16F59 scrolling message

I have started with this circuit some months ago, originally intended to use a second controller + serial connection.

It is too difficult to program scrolling message in assembler on the 16f59- only 2 stacks, and complicate banking scheme (small 16 byte banks).

However, I have rewritten the program in XC8.

There are various issues with the 16F59 and XC8, for instance string tables don't work right. So I am using assembler code right now to access the string tables.

There is a 2K RAM chip added now to make programming easier. I have successfully written data to the RAM, it is read back, and displayed.

All letters need to be tested...

I have run a counting function over all the character data and it seems to be 100 bytes altogether.

There are no LED resistors used at all.

Yes I know there are more powerful PICs, for instance including larger RAM already.

But I want to see if a text scroller is possible at all on this PIC chip. Chances are good since I can use a large RAM buffer to copy together all the font data.


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