PCB soldermask and silkscreen

Its been a long time since I started testing. At least 6 months. The darn ink never worked :(

I used the tube solder mask repair stuff with the very poor instructions and I was NOT getting anywhere. No matter what I tried, nothing.

Until.....I saw a tub. A small black tub with strange looking symbols on it, twas from china. A small tub of soldermask ink and silkscreen ink. I though, give it one more try...

So I purchased both for around £8 and waited a long time for it to arrive.

*Bark Bark* dogs are going crazy and the postman arrives to which the ink was delivered. I took it to the workshop and opened it up. Twas nothing like the other ink I was using. This was more green, thicker and very grumpy, it did not want to be stirred.

With little faith I took a brush and painted a board. But to my surprise it spreaded like thick butter, it was REALLY covering the board with a nice layer.

So I took my artwork, and waited, and waited for the UV to do its job. When I peeled back the film it was like music to my ears, it worked....nuff said....

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