Patent vs Common Use

How many guest are using the info on
A.C.C. to rework drawings and info to
get patents. There is big concern that
we are losing control of patents world-
wide.The patent laws mean nothing in
some countries.So how do you monitor
your work. Every one is in the Patent
business.All Universities,medical schools
governments,non profits. Most grant
money is tied to patents. Patent
attorneys start in the thousands
and end up with your work. Most
prizes are for space explorations.
Which darpma has head start,sponsored
by big corporations.The segway guy Is
a government guy,new project bionic
arm for military. It works spending $100,
oo0 million dollars.300 scientist and
engineers,good news for you guys
there work out there for you,its spread
out you have to find it. Most grant money
go to universties. Aid money also,certain
schools are known for there experience.

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