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Hello everybody I'm trying to diagnose a problem with a panasonic mini bookshelf stereo. The CD player skips on all tracks from beginning to end but if you tilt the entire stereo it's fine?????. So far I replaced the laser pickup but still skips. I work as a TV repairman and so far I repaired plenty of CD players and most have mechanical problems like worn spin motors broken gears, a catch in the tracking mechanism but I ruled all that out. This one got me real good. I think it's the spin motor but it has plenty of torque but it still could be bad, I feel a little normal amount of slack in the bearings, it could have worn down and now is too close to the pickup and is almost out of range??? I'm about to tell the customer to just prop it so that it's tilted ha ha. By the way it's a 5 disc magazine type. Well after a few weeks I looked at it again and finally fixed it. The bearings on the turn table spin motor has too much side to side slack but very little can be felt. I also noticed this model has a provision for an anti wobble spring and was missing. This is a small piece of wire that goes across the spin motor shaft and it puts a small amount of side pressure on the motor shaft of the spin motor. I made one and installed it and now works perfect.

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