Op Amp Links

List of PDFs that are useful for learning Operation Amplifiers. A couple are complete books on OpAmps.

Texas Instruments Handbook of OpAmp Applications book
Op Amp Basics. It goes a bit beyond Basics, into theory and origin, as well as the servo action of the inputs.

Op Amp options to use instead of the ancient LM741 (courtesy of Audioguru):

To replace the 741, try L071 single, TL072 dual and TL074 quad audio opamps. They are low noise, have very low distortion and have full output to 100kHz

MC33171, MC33172 and MC33174 opamps to replace low voltage LM358 and LM324 opamps and use the MC34071, MC34072 and MC34074 opamps for low voltage and wide bandwidth.

The OPA134, OPA2134 and OPA4134 audio opamps are perfect

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