Once more unto the induction heating breach...

With the remodel finished, and sundry parallel tasks complete or nearly complete, I decided it was time...

The "omen" telling me it was indeed time was an e-mail from Powell's advising me they had a copy of a title on my "watch" list. I had the discretionary income at the time, so I brought it home. Elements of Induction Heating by Zinn and Semiatin is a text recommended to me more than a year ago. I'm glad I got it. The first several chapters answered questions I'd been struggling with for years. I'd read Davies' and Simpson's Induction Heating Handbook a couple times, but a few critical concepts eluded me until I began reading Zinn and Semiatin. I'll probably go back over Davies and Simpson again when I finish Elements.

Don't tell my wife, but while we were cleaning out storage I snuck a few goodies back into the garage for experimenting with. I've recovered my variac - I can bring power up slowly again and blow fewer MOSFETs. I've recovered my transformer collection. (No, not the toys, the sixty pound box of iron and copper.)

I've not found my breadboards, despite careful searches.:( I don't have the discretionary income at this time to get more. :( So I guess I'm just going to have to shoot from the hip and go straight to copper.:cool: I did find and recover my etching tank.

There are still plenty of honey-doos and appointments and (gods help us) the approaching holiday season. But I'm in the mood for an extended (and perhaps clandestine) stint with building (and re-building) a 1kW RF heater for austenitising cutlery!

Phase I will be to collect my parts.

4 ea IRF840 - check!
2 ea NCP5181 - hmmm, keep looking...
copper clad boards - check!
crystal ressonators - check!
JK FFs - check!
Ferric Chloride - darn... keep looking...
misc diodes, resistors, and caps - check!
screw termnials - drag nabbit... keep looking...

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