Note to Self: Info/Resources on MAX32630FTHR board for makewithmaxim-design-contest

Note to Self. Place to keep track of info/resources I collect about the MAX32630FTHR board and related info.

MAX32630FTHR/related info
Product page. Incl datasheet download and getting started video.
More detailed info incl pinout, latest firmware.
User's Guide (for MAX32630 itself, not the FTHR board specifically.)
Data sheet
** Page 8 (schematic) shows that the IMU is "BMi 160".
(Also P3 pinout shows this too.)
From elsewhere, I gather that this is: "Bosch Sensortec BMI160 IMU"

Info about the "Bosch Sensortec BMI160" IMU :
110 page datasheet for bmi160.
To do: does it do its own sensor fusion...?
Tentatively, I don't see anything suggesting it does :-(
However it does have "Hardware sensor timestamps" so even if I read data at "uneven" timespans, I will be able to use the data accurately for sensor fusion.
Seem only the foll are what it does ITSELF work out and recognize: " any- or no-motion detection, tap/double tap sensing, orientation detection, free-fall or shock events." (Interrupts are generated for such; se page 25 onwards.)

To Do:
Find a detailed user guide for the FTHR board itself?
E.g., demos of accessing the IMU's data:
very basic.

** Particularly, does the IMU do its own Sensor Fusion?
(Tentatively: Seems not.)

** Look into Sensor Fusion algorithms elsewhere; any suitably licensed libraries?

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