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I have recently enrolled in an electronics program. I'm surprised now that it took me so long to figure out that this is big field of interest for me. I had basic electronics training in the Army and it was really exciting then. I am also one those people who used to take things apart when I was a kid. I was always dismantling my radios and stereos and adding speaker capacity and power. I have always had a big bag of different connectors and cables and people know me as someone who can connect anything to anything, which makes me a regular customer at Radio Shack.

I have muscular dystrophy, which really does need to be a factor in anything that I do. I am not letting it control my life though, which is why starting a new field of study is a really big positive undertaking for me. I am forced to live on disability income and this is just not acceptable for me as a permanent income. I began thinking about electronics again because I was looking for something where I would primarily work sitting down. I know that really narrows the list of positions for which I can apply, looking primarily for a bench job.

After taking the first two exams I have a 95 average, so I am off to a good start. I plan on using this blog to document my progress in this new direction, and keeping a really positive attitude towards life and all of the possibilities.

Thanks for reading and check back weekly ok?

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