ne555 additive waves

Greetings fellows!!

It has been a long dream of mine to build my own analog synthetizer, and now that i have got the time, i want to finally make one!
I am thinking about building a fairly simple one, with two or three oscillators, High and Lowpass filters and a basic envelope generator.
I came across a circuit based on the 555 timer IC to build a toy organ. I would like to build it and have this as my wave generator.
I fairly know how to generate the diferent wave types, i.e., Square or Sine. But i would like to combine two or three of these waves together to a single wave that goes through the different organ keys and posterior FX.

Can i build two separate 555 circuits and somehow add the waves generated?

Somehow i can´t find any Info anywhere on this topic...

Thanks a lot!


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