my god i was stupid

Hi everyone, me again!

I have been designing a 4 bit hybrid computer as some users here allready know. Looking back at the old 4 bit computer, thank god i did not make it, it would have been a waste of components. It had no functionality, no usefulness, could not be used for proper programs and well, the technitian never did the PCB's

But this new one is looking good, and i have alread made the ALU and neally all of the memory unit using stripboards (the ones with the long copper tracks on the bottom). This computer IS a computer, it has conditional jumps (i call the IF jumps), has goto's, has user input utilities and some other stuff :D

Here is my idea of an instruction set:
0000 NOP
0001 ADD
0010 SUB
0011 AND
0100 EXOR
0101 OR
0110 NOT
0111 Display reg (A) (REG defines display)
1000 If (REG = 0001, A < B) (REG = 0010, A=B) (REG = 0011, A > B)
1001 If false goto (line to goto if the IF statement before is false)
1011 Goto (A and B)
1100 Pause (clock ABREG cycles)
1101 Shift (left (B = 0001) Right (B = 0010))
1110 Take user input (A) and then store in (B)
1111 Move (A) to (B)

Still need an other instruction, may be clear seven seg display. Oh i forgot to mention, this computer can use up to 16 seven segmented units using the REG word which is a 4 bit word that defines which register to store the result in. So, these are the words:

Word A
Word B
Word Instruction
Word REG
definer (this is two bits)

The definer decides wether to do the function with:

00 Word A and Word B
01 Register (Word A) and Word B
10 Word A and Register (Word B)
11 Register (Word A) and Register (Word B)

Thats all I can think about....
4 bit out>>>

10 Home
20 Sweet
30 GOTO 10

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