My computer Journey first step

I decided on doing a series of projects to learn assembler. I plan on learning it with micro chips. Before I get there though I want to start at the ground level. Lucky for me I am not too shabby with trouble shooting and I have worked with electronics lab kits when I was younger. With that said I decided on building an 16bit computer similar to what a Youtuber built. He put up a series of videos over how to build an 8bit computer. You can look him up under the name Ben Eater and the words 8bit computer.
Yesterday evening I built the clock module with the first couple of videos. Then I looked up sources for more parts, but I realized something. This project is going to cost a bit, so I am going to pay some things off first. I want to eventually build a computer that will have a simplified operating system. This will be my next project. Still it wont be anything big. Just something to help me learn how a standard Linux operating system works. This will be on a smaller level.

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