Matlab Stuck Initialising

Originally I posted this work around on the forums, I have had some positive feedback from the posts so in order to prevent it getting lost on the forums I thought it a good idea to post it up here.

For those of you that might be using Matlab R2006 onwards there is a bug which means if you start Matlab for the second time in a session (a session is defined as the time between OS reboots), at start-up Matlab gets stuck in the initialisation phase. You can quit with CTRL+C, but none of the paths are set and cannot be manually set from the command line rendering MATLAB useless. The only way to get around this is to reboot your OS and try again.

Having endlessly struggled with this I have a work around:

- Close Matlab.

- Navigate to the Matlab root installation directory (by default C:\Program Files\MATLAB on Windows, and /usr/local/matlab on Linux).

- Navigate to the toolbox > local folder.

- Open userpath.m in a text editor.

- Edit the following lines (there are two of them, edit both):

[rc p] = dos('startdir $documents\MATLAB' -a);
Change to:

[rc p] = dos('startdir $documents\MATLAB');
- Save the userpath.m file.

Problem fixed, and so simple.

Hope this helps some who have experienced this issue.


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