making a transformerless Joule Thief circuit

...on breadboard!

Also I added another circuit to blink a LED just by exploiting CE breakdown of a transistor.

It does work but needs considerably high voltage.

All together, this LED blink circuit is not very effective, but it's different than these well known multivibrator circuits, and it does not require to use a microcontroller.

Of course that would be easy.

This joule thief circuit is using only one inductor and a PNP NPN transistors combination. With a breadboard, easy to build- for instance the CBE is imprinted on the kind of NPN I use, and if the circuit does not work, simply reverse the PNP.

Once it works, build the LED blink section.

You can see the schematics here, and you can also buy the parts on ebay as kit:

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