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Connected health concept provides an infrastructure to virtually connect a patient with hospital.It basically uploads patient's meta-data to hospital server so that doctors can have their analysis based upon data on hospital cloud.Patient's without physically presence in hospital, doctor can monitor the health status prescribe medicine, and recommend some test(Outside connected health's reach).

Here we will concentrate only on HEART related issue.This infrastructure design mainly focused on to accumulate meta-data related to heart.Heart meta-data includes below data points

1.Heart beat per second
2.Spo2 Level on blood
3.Body temperature
4.ECG data

Connected health infra provides sensor Eco-system to gather all above meta-data info and push those data to could for storage.This whole connected health infrastructure can be converted as a wearable form factor.Hospitals just need to register the device and allocate a patent ID.All meta-data related to that particular patent will be stored on mapped patent ID.If patent feel any health related complication through that device he/she post
an emergency alert and may seek for immediate attention of Doctor.

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