Make With Mouser IoT Design Contest-Temperature monitoring Device using MAX31889EVSYS.

Temperature monitoring Device using MAX31889EVSYS:
As Hobbyist and IoT application design engineer I would like to use the MAX31889EVSYS Kit for designing the temperature monitoring device in horticulture shed. Temperature is the one of the important parameter where the plants get survived and product good yields to farmers. If the temperature of the shed is maintained to the crop optimum temperature then plants give good yields. To balance the temperature we need a high sensitive measuring temperature sensor and then the necessary MCU to control actuators for maintaining optimum temperature.

In this contest the giveaway hardware MAX31889 EVKIT Board has the temperature sensor with ±0.25°C accuracy and also consists of a MAX32630FTHR Microcontroller Board is an advantageous. The hardware and firmware necessary to access the PC GUI helps in recording the data and visualize in real time. For remote operations the real time monitoring over GUI and the kit has MicroSD card and Lithium-ion battery interfaced to store the data is the additional salient features. It is the best hardware to monitor temperature and control the actuators to maintain the optimum conditions for better crop yields.

The temperature data helps the agriculturists to suggest the farmers to grow the suitable crop for the suitable temperature so that the farmers get good crop yields. This system not only useful for horticulture farmers but also for nurseries, vertical gardening, hydroponics, etc cultivation of crops. It will be a good opportunity to monitor the temperature data using the giveaway hardware once the practical test gives better results than the device can suggest to use for many in-door cultivation farms.

Details of Hardware and Software:
The MAX31889 evaluation system (EV system) provides a single platform to evaluate the MAX31889, a temperature sensor with ±0.3°C accuracy. The EV system consists of two boards connected through headers, a MAX32630FTHR microcontroller board, and the MAX31889 EV kit board. The MAX32630FTHR contains the firmware necessary to use the PC GUI program and also provides power to the MAX31889 EV kit board. Below figure 1 shows the MAX31889 EV kit.

Below figure 2 shows the MAX32630FTHR module.

Below figure 3 shows MAX31889 evaluation system (EV system) with SD card inserted for recording data.

Details about MAX31889EVSYS
  1. General Description
  2. Required Equipment
  3. Procedure
  4. Software Startup
are given in the Technical data sheet and the PC GUI, it works with Windows 10 OS. Below figure 4 shows the logging of data in a file via GUI.
file logging.png

A step by step for logging the temperature data in two formats is shown with the video1.

Application of temperature logging:

The data logging through SD card was done for half-an-hour at the garden plants and the graph is plot and shown in figure 5 below. The measurement was good and TWO period moving average trendline is shown in black color is well in agreement of smooth recording of data. MAX31889 EVKIT Board has the temperature sensor with ±0.25°C accuracy is allowing for this smooth trendline for data. If the accuracy in measurement help the analysis for exact predication of environment and its nature. The sensor data is having fluctuation it seems it is measuring the data with more accuracy and that variation happen due to wind flowing. The data is showing the increasing trend but at some positions it is shooting up and down this is happen due to the cloud passage over a short period. The shooting up and down of temperature data in the graph is with-in 1°C is well agreement.

Temperature recording.png

Application of monitoring the temperature data in various location is shown in the video2.

Apart from most of the sensor available in market MAX31889 EVKIT Board has with ±0.25°C accuracy and easy to use even the user don't have programming skills. The recorded data from SD card help the agriculturist to suggest the farmer for suitable crop. The kit is not only useful for agriculture environment temperature monitoring but also used in various other applications and a few applications are shown in Video2.

In my opinion, the measurement of temperature with device shows good accuracy and it is portable. After testing the device, I suggest the community members to readily use MAX31889 EVKIT in their next project in measurement of temperature it can be interfaced to any MCU using the I2C protocol. The MAX31889 EVSYS is handy device then what I expected and measurements can perform in standalone or mobile operation. The kit is not limit to the specific application it can be used in any application where temperature parameter measurement is needed like in Industries, Hospitals, Offices, Agriculture, Auditoriums, Parks, Transportation, Warehouses, Cold storage rooms, Vehicles, etc.

I thank MAXIM INTEGRATED, MOUSER ELECTRONICS, ALLABOUTCIRCUITS, others who are directly or indirectly involved for giving me this opportunity to showcase the importance of the MAX31889 EVSYS in different applications.

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