Make With Mouser IoT Design Contest - Power Electric Monitoring and Control

For the past decades, we have seen technology evolved rapidly and how significantly impacts the world and human daily life. Most innovations and advancements of technologies uses electricity to operate especially when most of the things need to be done remotely.

Problem statement:
In this challenging phase of the pandemic, most people need to work from home, and electricity is crucial to PC charging and the Wi-Fi network. Malaysia has also been highlighted by an increase in electricity bills during the early stage of the pandemic. The dramatic increase of electricity has cause trouble to some people who are financially struggling during the pandemic phase.

To address this issue, the proposal is to install an electrical current sensor to read the amount of electrical current used by the device, such as air conditioner, lamp, fan and a number of others. Electrical current data that has been used is then stored on the Open Visual Cloud and linked to the Power BI application. The Power BI application processes the data and displays the results through power-saving warning notifications. The system architecture uses 2-way communication, which are monitors the home, and also control the use of electricity remotely. When electricity usage exceeds the limit, the power saving mode uses the PIR sensor and the LDR sensor to monitor the state of the house. The sensor data will then be used by the Microchip SAM-IoT WG Development board and Wi-Fi module to automatically switch off or turn on household devices via the relay when the power saving mode is switched on. In addition to saving 70% of the current electricity supply, it is also expected to reduce the cost of energy use at home.




This control can affect the cost of electricity bills that must be paid every month. In the future, the application can utilize GPS as a technique of tracking the position of the homeowner with a smart home, so that the smart home can be detected when the homeowner will go home.

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