Make With Mouser IoT Design Contest - BLE terrarium

I name this project BLE Terrarium because it help me monitor several condition of my terrarium plants like: temperature, pressure, humidity, UV index, soil moisture. The data is transmitted to my phone over BLE. This device runs on a low power consumption Soc - nRF52840 and it is powered by a single-cell LiPo battery. This is its hardware block diagram:
Terrarium Block Diagram.png

I used Altium Designer to design, the design files can be downloaded here:
The ML8511 IC is end-of-life so I bought the module from Alibaba:
The other components can be purchased from Mouser Electronics with ease.

For the firmware, Nordic SDK has not supported the Environmental Sensing Service so I created it on my own. The code can be found here: and it is still updated.

This project is not yet completed, there are points that need to be done and I will keep this blog updated along with my project:
1/ Add WiFi to the device, the target WiFi module is ATWINC1510.
2/ After finishing 1/, the data must be transmitted to the internet using MQTT protocol. The RSSI strength will me measure and uploaded too. This is used to determined if the device is indoor or outdoor. I also use this feature on my cats ;).
3/ Mobile application. This is very necessary.

I just received the PCB a few days ago, soldering it without ease...

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