LM35 temperature Sensor

I would like to explain my small project to sense the actual temperature of any room using (LM35 Sensor), here below, I will write the tools I have used and the problem I faced. therefore, if there is any useful idea or information that can help me to solve my issue please advise me.

1- Arduino Lilypad Board
2- LM35 temperature sensor
3- 16 * 2 LCD Screen
4- Cat 6 (LAN cable)

My problem:
I want to put "LM35 Temp. sensor with Lilypad board" in one room, and pass the connection cable from Lilypad board to LCD screen by using Cat 6 Cable with a 40M length of cable to another room, I'm sure the cable length is too much long, the result: there is no signal transferred through the cable and all data are dropped. there is any information or idea to solve this problem by using any kind of boosters or any other solutions.

hope to hear answers as soon as possible.

best regards.

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