Learning Chiptunes

So I've been learning how to produce chiptunes. You know, the synthesised music from your C64 or NES.

So far I've done two tunes, using two programs. One is famitracker, which emulates specific ICs. In this case, I wrote out Bach's Praeludium Nr. 2, which is emulating a Konami VRC6.


The second was done on Milkytracker, which seems to be much 'beefier' in it's abilities. My second tune was Cirnos Perfect Maths Class - from a Japanese game which has some pretty catchy music.


Hope you enjoy, I hope to update with more in the future.

Hacking a NES into a music player (music being stored on the cartridges) sounds like a pretty cool project. Complete works of Bach on the NES.... Nice....

I'm getting ahead of myself. lol. enjoy. :)

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