lake water quality monitor

Today many of our lakes have been polluted on account of over-exploitation and reckless dumping of human and industrial waste, which is resulting in detrimental impact on human health which could not be neglected at any cost.
To solve this, I designed a low cost water quality monitoring system which can be deployed in lakes to monitor four main water quality factors, namely – TDS, DO, pH and temperature. Industrial sensors were employed to measure these parameters and push acquired data to Arduino Nano.
I used a solar panel along with a battery to power the system and i made a floating structure to get the whole thing floating in water for hours.
Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE-M board was to be used to provide the system connectivity to push the collected data to IBM cloud platform. The Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE-M board would've helped us to deploy the system not only in lakes and reservoirs but will also in water wells located in remote villages.
Digi XBee3 Cellular LTE-M board which i received was not able to connect to a network so i wasn't able to complete the project but i got all the sensors working correctly and i verified readings from my system from local laboratories and error was almost negligible.


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