Job Hunting

So I've been out of work for about 5 months now, during that time I've searched for an electronics Tech position with out any luck. Whom ever said the job market is recovering is either A) a fool B) A liar or C) a staffing agency. That last one seems to be the problem really. Staffing Agencies have cornered the job market so well that it's almost impossible to find work that will last longer than 3 months. Of course once your 3-6 month contract is up you get laid off for an indeterminate amount of time before another position becomes available too you. All so participating companies and staffing agencies don't have to pay you benefits. I'm not looking for a hand out but i'm 24 years old and would like to at least afford to keep my crappy car with 250,000 miles on it tank full of gas. I'm told to take work where i can find it: which is fine advice. the issue my generation and me in particular is having is being able to find a job that can foster either higher learning or the ability to take care of ourselves.

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