Interfacing AD698 with Half Bridge LVDT

I'm armature to electronics (Computer Engineer by profession) . And, i'm doing some automation project. In that i have to read a Half bridge LVDT transducer, particularly solartron AX/1/SH. I got its test condition document, attached as image here.


i am working on it using AD698AP. and i'm finding it difficult for designing a circuit to get the experiment carried out. Will some one please suggest the circuit and value. Also, what type of capacitor should i use as i want to design a thru hole component PCB for ease of use. I'm referring fig.7 from the datasheet and trying to have experiment. (in which eventually i damaged 2 IC's). C1=7nf, C2=C3=C4=1uF. But what should i use for rest of values and based on form here, which changes should i make in the circuit?

I want the circuit to have single power supply (Boost converter module XL6009), and output as mentioned in design reference shown below, so i can carry my rest of the project by implementing I2C on ADC. Need help please..


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