Installing KBasic into Ubuntu 64bit

KBasic is a very powerful program available for linux, mac and windows platforms. It mocs almost 100% Visual Basic 6. For anyone who wants to make applications for web, standalone, or front-ends to their hardware. It uses a recreation of QBasic with bunch of object-oriented programming sets thrown in.

I spent about two hours trying to install the linux version of this program on Ubuntu 9.10 with no success. The program seemed to do nothing upon clicking.

So I finally decided to download the Windows version and use Wine. It worked....almost. It works for 32bit systems but in 64bit systems, you cant read the dialog boxes or menus. No good.

So, I found the solution. Linux kernels install libraries in different places for 32 and 64 bit platforms.

How to fix it:

Download getlibs. Getlibs is a library installation tool that will install 32bit libs on a 64bit machine where the 32bit programs expect to see them.


After you download KBasic, drop to the terminal and switch to the directory where you unpacked KBasic.

you will get an error about not being able to share libraries.
now type:
getlibs -p [the name of the lib it couldnt find]
After install of the lib
if you get another error, repeat the above process for each lib you need. (Usually 2)
After you have got all the libs you need, it will load.

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