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One of the necessities of posting a question often requires that you provide a schematic or pictures of your project. You can draw a schematic, upload a picture or get a screenshot. But how do you get it into your post?

(Note: If your having trouble getting a schematic drawn, try the Windows Paint program. Or sketch it on paper and take a picture with your phone. Email it to yourself or otherwise get it on your computer, so you can attach it to your post.)

Some people use image hosting sites. This is unnecessary. You can post your images directly on the forum, which is the preferred method. I mention this because often image hosting links, try to install software on our devices and/or result in a popup or two. I am very suspicious of sites that behave in this manner. Also, external links often disappear.

Getting back to the question regarding how you can insert images into your post..

Where you type your post, look in the lower right corner for the button labelled "Upload a File"...

After the file is uploaded, you are given the option to insert it into your post. You can either insert the full image, or if it is large, insert a thumbnail. With this latter option, a reader can click on the thumbnail to view the entire image. The full image inserted into this post looks like this:

The thumbnail inserted into this post looks like this...

The end result looks like this post!
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