Infrared remote control...

Two of my current projects are based on 18F PIC (18f24j10).

1: TFT color LCD, 50 Mhz, 512K FLASH. I had the idea to use infrared remote control as a means of keys input. There are many different protocols somehow. However it is possible to extract the bitstream, and display a sequence of numbers.

Next I also need to convert this to binary. It is different for each protocol! And some don't work, they would require different algorithm.

2: 2x 2x16 character LCDs. I have stored all possible texts for days, months etc. into the 16K FLASH memory. I also want to use remote control here to set the time actually. Once this works it is less efforts than to solder individual keys.

However the infrared receiver does not work like explained in the datasheet! It needs several external components. And for instance it does not drop down to zero volts. Or my DMM can't measure it correctly :D For this purpose I added one BC327, and a red LED to interface to 3V PIC. These receivers can't work from 3V actually, so a 78L05 is used (from 12V).

My website needs major update as well:

For instance I don't use assembler / 16F PICs anymore.


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