How would I know what capacitors to use in a static 3 phase converter?

So I have a washing machine motor. It is 195V, 3.7A and 800W at 290Hz (high i know):

I'm assuming i will need an AC current coming into the phase converter (correct me if I'm wrong) so I will have to have a dc to ac converter as well yes? Because it is going to be powered by batteries.

Anyway, the question is, what power capacitors would I need? This is the static phase converter I'm basing it off of:

And this is the source page that explains what this guy did:

In his one he used a 1hp motor - very similar to mine it sounds, but at a much lower Hz. They said:
For my 1 Hp lathe, I ended up using a 5 uF (microfarad) cap between L1&L3, and a 12.5 uF cap between L2&L3, and about 80 uF for the starting capacitor.
I would like to know if my motor is in any way similar to his, and what I need to do; basically just steps on what I need to get.

The article makes sense to me, however I want to get someone to explain it in terms of my situation, and hopefully tell me exactly what rating I will have to get for each capacitor.

Thanks for help! :)

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