How to solve Microwave Engineering Pozar chapter 05 exercise 15 with ADS


Literature source [POZAR] available here:

There's also a solutions manual available here:


Basic MATLAB script source pozar_05_exercise_15.m

I call this one 'basic' because for this exercise the MATLAB script doesn't go much further than getting the cut-off details.

As the reader can appreciate for this exercise I have used ADS instead to supply the result of the matching waveguide section because
it's in chapter 3 of [POZAR] where it makes more sense to review 3D electromagnetic models but I chose to start in chapter 5, so this exercise
can be reviewed once for instance a working Yee model in MATLAB is available, that allows enough flexibility and accuracy
needed to change waveguide dimensions and fill-up dielectric characteristics in order to reach a valid affordable solution like it's the case here to be a dielectric fin instead of a complete fill-up.

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