How to solve Microwave Engineering Pozar chapter 05 exercise 10 with MATLAB


Literature source [POZAR] available here:

There's also a solutions manual available here:


5.9 is already solved here:

MATLAB script source pozar_05_exercise_09.m and all necessary support functions included in .zip here attached file

Reducing |s11| the resolution can be improved from 0.001 to 0.0002 without significant increase in processing delay.

For this exercise, the peaks do not show as clearly as in 5.9 so the funciton kmeans comes handy to decide where the |s11| nulls are exactly located.

Verifying the frequency responside directly connecting impedance equations for each component

Like in 5.9 some additional ADS simluations and optimiser results are included, but ADS has more accurate models of all circuit components, even for such basic ones, so the results obtained with an accurate but basic MATLAB script, and using ADS, are not going to always agree.

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