How to solve Microwave Engineering Pozar chapter 05 example 01 with MATLAB


Literature source [POZAR] available here:

There's also a solutions manual available here:


MATLAB script source pozar_05_example_01.m and all necessary support functions included in .zip here attached file
including detailed explanation. Following, the key points:

For the given load, the component values are

C1 = 9.227738300997709e-13
ctype =C [Farad]
L1 = 3.898484006168380e-08
ltype =L [Henry]

L2 = 2.167378326912196e+07
ctype =L [Henry]
C2 = 3.847649490485592e+11
ltype =C [Farad]

with frequency response

With ADS, using the component DA_SmithCharftMatch that opens the Smith Chart Utility

that readily obtains the component values

the term 'series' is here used as the jX component connected in both circuits as above.

But in some literature sources like [MEDLY] a distinction is made between 'cascade' that would the jX component connection above, and 'series' would be this:

[MEDLY] Microwave and RF Circuits: Analysis, Synthesis and Design. Author Max W Medley Jr.

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