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Yes, HHO can be generated. Yes, it burns. We agree on that much.

The issue is the source of the energy to produce HHO, and the impact on vehicle performance.

A mechanic working on this a bit back calculated an additional 3 HP load on the engine to generate the power needed to generate a volume of HHO. The same mechanic did a few calculations, using ideal hydrogen combustion energy/volume, assuming 100% efficiency, and ignoring losses. The result was a net loss of 1 Horsepower.

In reality, the losses are much greater.

Gasoline has 3x the energy for a given volume than liquid Hydrogen does. The BMW Hydrogen 7, which is designed to run on both gasoline and hydrogen gets 4MPG from liquid hydrogen, and 16MPG on gasoline. The limited production engine also has mechanical noise issues when running on Hydrogen due to the faster burn rate.

That leaves two points, considering the cost of the vehicle and the dismal performance:
1) If mixing Hydrogen with gasoline could improve performance in ANY WAY, wouldn't that be a feature of the Hydrogen 7?
2) HHO, cannot be generated at the volume required to run, which is why the Hydrogen 7 does not have any type of onboard H2 generator.

I must ask:

  • Why are you Convinced that HHO will do great things for you?
  • What background do you have with electronics, Internal Combustion Engine operation, thermodynamics, or any other related field?
The reason for the two questions is not meant as an insult. When you google combinations of "Hydrogen gasoline HHO", anywhere between 500,000 and 6 million hits are shown. There are mountains of information available on the topic. People working on building "One that works" stop by here frequently for help with the electronics. NONE have shown a measureable improvement with actual data. The one person that did claim a 3mpg increase (no data, other than "it goes further on a tank" type) ended up with a blown engine a few months later for his efforts.

If there is a way to generate Hydrogen using less energy than "Traditional Methods", I'd be very happy to learn of it! However, the current approach of "Hydrolyzers" and HHO have proved patently to be failures. Based on websites and google hits, I would guess over 50,000 people either have tried, or are attempting to perfect/fix/improve onboard HHO. To date, there has not been one scientifically documented case of improvement. The only "proof" is word of mouth, often from somebody willing to sell you "The Secret", so they can recoup the cost of their failed experiment.

Maybe try to think outside the box. Create some other method of producing HHO than the ones that have been tried to death and failed.

This forum has no connections to government, big oil, HAARP, or Hurricane Machines. The membership varies from self taught to lifetime engineers to Professors. There is a huge amount of knowledge and experience here willing to help people who want to learn. Rehashing HHO, only to see members waste a large amount of money, ruin their car, give up, or throw insults does grow tiresome.

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