Guitar Amp and cab

Hi, this is my first ever blog and no doubt the contents will be full of first ever projects.
Please bear in mind I'm a beginner in electronics, have pudgy work hardened hands, two energetic young children that and a whole load of household chores competing for my attention.
I was never happy with the Marshall VM2266c I bought due to leaning more toward Jazz Guitar -thus a clean sound, its a good amp but turns up to 11 around no 2 (Spinal Tap).
In order to learn about valve amps and because I live in a cultural backwater with little choice in the shops; I decided to make my own from a kit, it has also started an interest in electronics. It is a WF55 4w Fender Champ from Ampmaker in UK. I'm very happy with the clarity of this amp but will be cooling it down further to get more clean headroom.
It is permanently housed in bits of my daughters old wooden castle base that was lying around. I was mocking up some kind of enclosure when my then 5 year old daughter decided to help/advise. Its been gigged once to rave reviews about the design and sound although, I wasn't playing it at the time:(!
Underneath is an angled cabinet made from the same plywood castle. I really just knocked it up to house the speaker and keep the 2 year olds fingers off the cone. obviously I have nothing to cut a straight line yet!. Grill cloth is the Calvin Klein T-Shirt I was wearing on the day. It had the right texture, camo green colour and had earned a second chance before becoming a duster. Mostly sounds horrible in the bass so some work still to do.....:cool:
The microphone serves two purposes. 1. It stops the kids being annoying all day and 2. It works as a microphone. Its rubbish because I used a headphone speaker as the mic element. I plan to build a preamp inside and go for a different transducer (original was an electret but I have yet to draw the schematic so I can understand the circuit). Its a work in progress!
Please enjoy my inspiration over my skill. Sometimes you just have to get it out before perfecting.:) Any comments gratefully received - however -you may feel I don't need encouraging after looking in on my blog!
I'll show the insides and a schematic in later posts.

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