Got the lights lit... again...

Proof of principle worked at Radcon 5, now we'll be rolling out the first prototype at Norwescon.

I nested wo pieces of C-purlin, (2" web w/ 1/5" legs) to make a tube. I've got six adjustable lamps attached to the back (daylight CFs in them) and eight high-Kelvin color LED lamps slung below.

My only regret is one of the two power strips (for the LED wall-warts) is white, while everything else is black. (The grid-work for the booth is black.)

Well... it should light up my wife's jewelry quite nicely, and with a mere fraction of the hassle of previous shows.

I'll know for certain tomorrow when our "Well Dressed Lackey" helps my wife set up. And I'll see it in action myself this weekend when I'm able to join her there.

(In the meantime, Intel wants their next new lab up and running sooner than I was told. Sigh. No rest for the wicked.)

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